The Hidden Healing Power of Your Every Breath part 1

For many folks, the idea of going to an event to do some ‘breathing’ is as far out an idea as becoming an Olympian or a rock star … maybe even further ‘out’ than those … Most of us believe that because breathing is something we’ve been doing every day of our life, what more could we possibly need to know?

Well, it turns out, there’s quite ALOT more that we need to know … and our unconscious ignorance of our breathing can be having a more potent negative effect in our lives than we recognized. For many of us, myself included, breathing is taken for granted, unless or until, there comes a time when somehow our breathing is threatened … whether by accident or injury, illness or some other unknown factors, we are suddenly caught struggling to ‘catch our breath’ … and suddenly, unexpectedly and,definitely not delightedly … we are out of control with the one thing we absolutely NEED to stay alive … and it’s downright ‘terrifying’ … At some point in time, we all face this dilemma … how to get our breathing back to ‘normal’ … how to make it easy again … and how to stop the underground panic that threatens to surface when something triggers a change in our breathing that reminds us of that ‘awful experience’.

You see, we are largely so ignorant of our breathing process, that we don’t even know there is a difference between ‘natural’ breathing and ‘healthy’ breathing. Consider this … when you are generally sitting & relaxing at home, your breathing is much different than when you are outside exercising or doing some yard work. The breath is an incredibly sensitive, responsive system that processes information so rapidly from our nervous system’s messages, that any change in activity or internal bodily functions, immediately creates a change in the breathing pattern. Even more interesting, is how our thoughts and emotions impact our breathing, even though they are not something that we can see or touch.

What most of us never learned, is that our breathing is so incredibly designed, that it not only keeps the functionning of all the body’s cells & systems going with the vital nutrient of oxygen, it is also a vital and necessary function for the processing of ALL information that we come in contact with, each & every moment, with each & every breath. We all know that if we stop breathing, our life ends … but do we all know that subtle interferences with our body’s breathing process, can actually stay stuck in our breathing and cause a steady decrease in function on every level of our being … impairing physical functions of organs, glands & systems … impairing mental functions of cognition & memory … and impairing emotional functionning as the ability to feel restored to balance and peace, regardless of the many emotions we often experience in any given day?

Unhealthy breathing patterns are frequently an underlying cause of the disease process. In fact, Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, PhD, & author of ‘Oxygen Breakthrough’, states

“Disease and Breathing: Breathing … in short … is the key that unlocks the whole catalog of advanced biological function and development. Is it any wonder that it is so central to every aspect of heath?
Breathing is the first place, not the last, one should look when fatigue, disease, or other evidence of disordered energy presents itself. Breathing is truly the body’s most basic communication system.”

Perhaps it is because our breathing is ‘right under our nose’ that is so often overlooked as having any positive impact on our health & well being. Being human, we have a tendency to overlook those things that are most familiar, without realizing how important those things might be. Yet, because breathing is so familiar, and so repetitive, it has the potential to create maximal change with even minimal efforts to improve its function. Remember, anything that we do over and over again, we are bound to get better at … unless we don’t take the time to investigate ‘how to’ become more efficient & effective at what we’re doing. Also, anything we do over and over again, increases it’s power in our lives … for better … or for worse …

Aside from the obvious gains with developing healthier breathing, such as increased physical energy, greater mental clarity, concentration & memory, there is another less understood effect breathing has on our psyche … the ability to recognize & process emotions and the accessing of our intrinsic spiritual nature. These are the subtler functions of the breath, yet no less significant to our overall wellness, that make our experience as humans unique and add to our quality and value of the lives we are living.

It seems it has taken us humans a long time to recognize the value & importance of our emotions as part of our guidance system for life. Even more difficult for us, has been learning how to allow these emotions and learn to experience them safely … for ourselves and the others we co-exist with. The patterns of suppression & repression of emotions create patterns of imbalance and distort the natural desire for harmony in the bodymind. The simplest and most effective way to undo these patterns, which exist in the body, not just the mind … is to engage the breathing in such a way as to allow the natural, organic (in the true sense of the word) flow of energy to unwind and restore all to its most optimal function. Here is where knowing ‘how’ to breathe becomes vitally important.

Learning about ‘healthy breathing’ is one of the most potent, powerful investments in yourself and the health of your whole body, mind, heart & soul that you can ever make. No matter what you experience in this body, in this life, your Breath is there with you … every ‘breath’ of the way … To be able to be wholly open with every breath you breathe … to dissolve the negative mental-emotional patterns of energy that inhibit your breath and are the underlying factors causing the epidemic of shallow breathing that most of us are caught in every day, is only a fraction of the immense benefits that a commitment to daily breathing practice can bring … Breathing is the one thing that can truly change your life for the best – over and over and over again. It is the one thing that has impact in every aspect of your life, in every experience of your life.

When you get curious enough to learn more about your breathing, you will embark on a grand adventure that will bring you into the aliveness, connection and true magic that Life has to offer you … You will embark on the ride of your life … and wonder what ever took you so long to discover the hidden power in your every breath.

So … let’s get together … and breathe … in honour of the magic and mystery of the Breath of Life!


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The Hidden Healing Power of Your Every Breath part 2

Do you want to feel ‘inspired’?  Do you want to feel fully alive, fully in peace & filled with a sense of grace and ease? Do you want to be at one with the flow of Life? All this … and more … is accessible with the simple act of becoming conscious with your breath … and, in learning the art of ‘surrendering to the breath that breathes you’.

Breathing is the most natural way of moving from ‘ordinary’ states of consciousness to ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness. This movement between states is ALWAYS facilitated by the breath, so when one learns to be more present with breathing, one has the power to experience more expanded states of awareness and tap into the veiled, hidden worlds where the Great Mystery is real & tangible. The human experience is naturally meant to flow from ordinary to non-ordinary states of consciousness, and back again. This back & forth movement is key to our life experience. (Ordinary states of consciousness are when we are waking, talking, etc., where the non-ordinary states include sleeping, dreaming, day-dreaming, hypnosis, visualizing, etc.)

There is a way of breathing and of being ‘with’ your breathing, that can open doorways of immense peace, creativity and the power of loving presence from within your being. There is a way of breathing that allows the spiritual power within you, to unlock … to flow … to cleanse you … and purify you, in ways that nothing else in this physical world can.  There is a way of breathing that allows you to surrender your addiction to control and then live into the power of ‘what is’ … with curiosity and open hearted presence. There is a way of breathing that can teach you what nothing and no one else can teach you … the ‘how’ of living fully present AND fully connected with the Divine/Source/All That Is/Great Mystery … whatever your name for the ‘un-nameable’ is.

This hidden healing power has immense, infinite potential to bring the hidden treasures of your soul into your life experience and for bringing into creation the ‘greater good’ that our world so desperately needs right now. Each of us has these ‘soul treasures’ that are calling now, to be brought forward and birthed into the world we live. Accessing these treasures has always been a part of the spiritual path we are called to walk, so that we can be part of leaving a legacy for those who come behind us. These soul treasures are meant to bring us into the true ‘riches’ of life … the riches that give us a true experience of life as meaningful and fulfilling, even with the obstacles and challenges that are an inevitable part of the journey.

Learning to breathe inevitably becomes a key foundational skill on your spiritual path in life. There are many breathing practices that all have so much value … however, there is only one breathing practice that I know that embodies the fullness of surrender and one-ness with the Divine … that has the capacity to carry you through ALL your life experiences … that brings you HOME to yourself in a way that allows you to recognize that this is what you’ve been searching for … that allows you to expand your capacities to experience, feel & express the richness of being in a human body, living this life.

This is the way of Sacred Breathing … known by many names ie. Rebirthing, Conscious Breathing, Breath Integration, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breath, Vivation Breathwork, Connected Breathing, etc. I personally like to call it ‘Sacred Breath Transformational Journeys’, as each time I participate or facilitate this healing practice, there is an amazing journey that unfolds, bring in awarenesses, understandings, and releasings on many levels of body, mind, heart & soul. There are few techniques/modalities that can consistently create peace and harmony and balance between all the parts of our human experience within the body … this is one of them. After 30+ years of practice, I am more in love with my breath and its’ innate healing capacities than ever before … it is a love affair that has continued to blossom & bloom throughout my life and I can’t begin to express how much gratitude & appreciation I have for its’ healing power and the ways it has, and continues to, change my life for the better.

As is the way of the Sacred Mysteries, the Hidden Healing Power Within The Breath, cannot truly be spoken … it can only be EXPERIENCED. There is so much to experience … and like any journey, can have its challenges and pitfalls … so having an experienced guide can make the challenges & pitfalls easier to overcome and the experiences of your inner journeys richer beyond your imagination. It would be my great honour to serve your soul’s evolution by introducing you to, and supporting you on this grand adventure with your own ‘Sacred Breath’.

You will be forever grateful that you gave yourself this gift. This is your invitation to explore this most amazing power … your own Sacred Healing Breath. Please contact me for more information on when, where & how you might join me in this sacred journey.

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Distance Healing Sessions that WORK!!!


I’m not big on using alot of letters & numbers after my name … perhaps that came from experiencing working with different ‘professionals’ with many types of different degrees and trainings, who simply weren’t able to offer what I really needed … especially those who were ‘stuck’ on their own brand of knowledge … and I honestly have an aversion to being this way myself.

Having said that, sometimes some things come along, that people only identify with BY A SPECIFIC NAME OR TITLE … and this is one of those times. So I have decided to add the certified practitioner tag above, because:

  • it is a work I love to offer
  • I have personally received …and continue to receive … GREAT VALUE from it
  • I have been amazed & so delightfully pleased at the permanent results … for my own self … and my wonderful clients!!!
  •  … IT WORKS !!!
  • and more people need to learn about this powerful healing tool!

Part of the beauty of this work, is that distance is no obstacle … and being able to have a session in the comfort of your own home, in these busy times, just makes it so much easier to get the healing help that you need!

If you have never received a distance healing session, I’m sure you will be happily surprised with the ease and potency that can be experienced with this work. Having the privacy & comfort of your own home, your own private space, to really acknowledge & address the current challenges in your life AND to receive the care & support to have the healing you need & desire is one of the best investments you can ever give to yourself!

I am offering to be part of your health & personal spiritual growth & wellness team. In all my years of training & work experience, as well as my own challenges in this life, I have come to know, without a doubt, that healing only can happen when all parts of our selves – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & financial – are given the time & tending required for true wholeness to be experienced, in-bodied & lived … YOU are your own GREATEST INVESTMENT… and I can help you to move toward … and in .. to … the life you know you are meant to live.

I offer Emotion Code and now, also Body Code health & healing sessions … to give you the rich integration of my trainings & life’s work & personal experience… in a beautiful & elegant way to release your emotional baggage, find your optimal health and live more authentically & richly into the life of your dreams.

Remember ….

YOU … are the BIGGEST & BEST ‘INVESTMENT’ that you will ever make .. in your own life!!!

To learn more about this amazing healing work:


Have the best of wonder-filled blessings in your day …. it’s your time!!!

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Is Your Life Getting De-Railed???

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Is Your Life Getting De-Railed???.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Is Your Life Getting De-Railed???

Have you ever wondered just why some folks seem to sail through their challenges and difficulties, yet others seem to keep being ‘dragged down’ – sometimes despite their best intentions and actions?

Have you ever wondered ‘why?’ you- yourself- haven’t been able to overcome the obstacles or problems in your path, despite all the efforts you have made?

Does it feel like you are ‘swimming upstream’ some days … just barely keeping your head above water? Do you wonder if you are ‘too old’ … ‘too tired’ … or just ‘too lazy’ to find the way out/over/under/through what keeps plaguing you???

After 35+ years working with health and healing of the physical, mental & emotional experiences of life, I have come to see – over and over again – the profound effects of trauma that has left its lingering mark in our bodies, thoughts, feelings & emotions. As someone who has walked the path of trauma from my own life experience, I am intimately aware of the day to day effects and the crazy combination of courage & desperation that many others also walk in their daily lives. From personal experience, I have found tools that relieve the physical, mental & emotional pain and restore feelings of stability, wholeness and a calm & peaceful outlook on life once again.

There are safe and gentle ways of working with trauma that can change your life for the better!!!

If you … or a loved one … are suffering … perhaps silently … please know … there is help!!!  The tools for releasing stress from old trauma are soooooooooooo much more available now than ever before … and using the courage of the ‘heart that wants only to love’ within each one of us, we can find the way forward … into a life of greater good … truth … and beauty … that we each have a deeper longing to create and be a part of …

Too often, old trauma energies are still ‘working’ in us, causing the ‘de-rail-ment’ that I mentionned earlier. The true beauty of being human is the incredible capacity to change and to thrive, but too often we think that means moving forward WITHOUT truly putting the past to rest. Our ‘biology’ shows us otherwise – as it is becoming more known that truly “our biology is our biography” – meaning our life story is constantly showing up in all that is happening in our bodies, thoughts & emotions.

Please take the time to make yourself important enough to ‘take care of’ … the power of your special flavour of ‘love’ is meant to be a huge gift in this world – and I am here to help you support and nourish and nurture your ‘sacred self’ to come more fully into its unique expression.

Sometimes it’s best to start with some gentle body therapy to calm & soothe … other times, it’s most important to be with & communicate with the voice within. When you call, we can decide what feels most ‘right’ with you at this time. I have many tools with which to help you and I only use that which I know has worked for myself and others – this is wisdom from ‘experience’, not just ‘book learning’.

I believe the biggest challenge facing us in the world today, is the willingness to face … and identify … and do the work of healing trauma … we all have to take part in this because this IS the work of HUMANITY – to do each our own part in ‘healing’ the wounds of our own and our ancestral past … it is only through doing this, that we will develop the ‘compassionate, wise heart’ and bring to birth a new cycle of HUMANITY that we will be proud to be a part of …

“We are not the thought, we are the one who is able to think. We are not the feeling, no matter how intense the feeling might be, we are that which is able to feel. We are not the self we are working on. We are the one that is able to allow this self, this personality, to be healed and transformed.”

Here is a link to information related to recognizing & understanding how trauma is daily affecting us all to either greater or lesser degrees. I hope they help you to ‘name’ what has been ‘un-named’ yet familiar as an energy that is affecting you in your life.

May all my ancestors and descendants receive the gifts of love from my own heart in the healing work I do on my self… Blessed Be … Blessed Be … Blessed Be …

May all be free from danger.

May all have mental happiness.

May all have physical happiness.

May all have ease of well-being.

May all Be Blessed.

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Releasing emotional baggage WILL change ‘your’ life!

Have you ever wondered why you feel as if you’re constantly struggling to:

  • feel pain-free?
  • feel happy, contented, fulfilled, at peace?
  • motivated & inspired by your life
  • have enough energy to do what you WANT to do, not just what you HAVE to do?
  • break out of a ‘mood’ or get rid of some negative emotion(s), only to find it’s back again before you know it?

You see, sometimes you can be doing all the ‘right’ things – eating healthy, getting good exercise, going to bed early, taking supplements, receiving bodywork, working with a counsellor/therapist….YET, it still seems ‘something’ is still not ‘right’…something is missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it…

For all the efforts we put into our health & well-being, we still haven’t touched into the mental & emotional aspects of our daily experience, which MAY be where the ‘missing’ piece is…How do we ‘cope’ with our inner reality – the place of our deepest & darkest challenges to our outer world problems? Most of us don’t have the energy, time, money, nor inclination to spend years in therapies talking about how we feel – WE JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER NOW!!! Not only that, but life is happening so fast, so quickly, that you may not be able to finish processing an emotional upset before something else is in front of you, bringing up an entirely different set of emotions that you are now feeling. So, instead of being able to access happier thoughts & emotions about things you want in your life or what you want to give  the world to create more happiness & more good, you are caught in an emotional ‘bog’.

I  would love to share something with you that I have found super-helpful in giving me a way to feel better FAST…and even more importantly, a way to release emotions that are TOXIC to my mind, body, health & enjoyment of life!

THE EMOTION CODE is a healing system that will release ‘trapped emotions’ ( aka emotional baggage, upheaval, upset, etc.) easily, gently & thoroughly. Trapped emotions are energies that became trapped in our physical, mental or emotional bodies BECAUSE there wasn’t a SAFE way to release them at the time of the event when they came into being. Many of us thought that by ‘putting it behind us’, we were doing all that was needed. Turns out, however, that trapped emotions account for a significant degree of pain & disharmony in our physical, mental & emotional lives – even years later than the original experience and are now believed to be the underlying cause or factor in many (if not all) diseases, personal & social relationship crises, as well as our financial & career struggles or woes.

  • The beauty of the EMOTION CODE is that the simple process of clearing trapped emotions related to specific experiences & events in your life, may well reduce, or even free you from some of the health challenges you may be struggling with – such as: anxiety, depression, acute and/or chronic physical pain, job stress, financial stress, relationship stress, chronic health issues, PTSD, etc. While this obviously is not what you need in a medical emergency, it may well be one of the healing tools that allows you to receive the fullest, most complete recovery possible – for body, mind & spirit!

I have experienced amazing relief from anxiety & panic attacks caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, using this amazing technique, as well as witnessing changes in clients that include: feeling more balanced, more peaceful, more calm, more excited about new opportunities; restored communication in relationships; greater harmony with loved ones; pain reduction in acute & chronic conditions & sometimes complete elimination of pain!; breast lumps disappearing; weight loss; and so much more…


I would love for you to experience it for yourself, so I am now offering a FREE 20 minute  discovery session to find out how the the healing power of the EMOTION CODE can free you to live the life you really want to live!

Please fill out the contact form below for YOUR FREE DISCOVERY SESSION and we can get started in freeing you from emotional baggage that’s bringing you down… and assisting you to a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life!

Want to learn more about the Emotion Code? Click here.

Connect with me today to find out more about how YOU can benefit from receiving an Emotion Code session! Looking forward to talking with you soon & assisting you in your healthiest, happiest life now! As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I am able to quickly & easily identify the most problematic trapped emotions, release them and support your follow-up healing with the best natural, healthy options available. I will also soon be starting my BodyCode training to add to this practice, which will increase the healing benefits for you & your loved ones, using the latest cutting edge therapy in the field of Energy Psychology & Mind Body Medicine.

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Sound and Vibrational Healing with ‘Ohm’ Tuning Forks

What is ‘Sound & Vibrational Healing’?

The use of sound and vibration in healing & other spiritual practices has been with us probably for as long as we humans have been making sounds – certainly that’s for a very long time! Humankind has been using voice, drums, rattles, and other indigenous instruments for expressing & releasing emotions, heightening awareness, releasing & building energies for health & survival, as well as for individual & community rituals and celebrations, likely since we found ourselves here on Earth. We have lived in this world of sound, forever it would seem, and we are intrinsically oriented to sound, even in the wombs of our mothers. Sound, with its accompanying aspect of vibration, is THE PRIMORDIAL FORCE , both within us and all around us. Every single cell of our bodies has its own unique vibration, as does every single animate or inanimate object, each pulsing to its own drummer and singing, if you will, its own special song. To be in tune with our own unique song with its own unique rhythms is what harmony is all about. . . and harmony is what our ‘home’ is meant to be.

Our ‘home’ for this earthly life is this body we have been given. Our ‘home’ is meant to be our sanctuary – our safe and sacred space to recharge, repair & replenish ourselves.  Unfortunately, we were not really trained in the care & repair of these bodies when they are in states of imbalance that have overstepped our available capacities.

Sound & vibration have been used safely for thousands of years to assist our bodies, minds, emotions & spirit, to release unwanted energies and restore the natural harmony & rhythms that are necessary for our optimal functioning. Sound/vibration can be used both on the body and around the body for maximum benefits and has the added benefit of being gentle, yet deeply relaxing. Sound/vibration also has the ability to penetrate areas of the body in a truly non-invasive manner, which allows for the body’s intrinsic healing forces to melt barriers that other therapies, great though they are, are unable to get to.  And for those interested in therapies that naturally align body & soul & spirit, the world of sound has it already together, hands down.  Think of how you feel during and after a day spent in Nature – it is said that Nature heals us because it brings us back to the ‘hologram’ of our ‘soul’.  A huge part of that process has to do with SOUND.

OHM Sound Healing Acupressure session

OHM Sound Healing Acupressure session

Ohm Therapeutics™ Tuning Forks are a wonderful new tool based on modern scientific evidence AND ancient spiritual knowledge of the well-known ancient sound of ‘OM’.  Modern day science has recognized that our world, our Earth, yea even our Universe is based on sound and vibration, which is what the ancient spiritual traditions have been telling us all along. Even more profoundly, the ancient, sacred sound of ‘OM’ is the ‘HOME’ sound of our Earth and all life upon it. The significance of this cannot be overlooked if we are to survive & thrive here on this beloved planet.  The use of the different octaves of ‘OM’ via specially calibrated tuning forks, used on and around the body has demonstrated profound results in supporting & restoring the body’s innate healing abilities.  Returning  to our home tone of ‘OM’ is like pushing the ‘reset’ button – everything gets to start again and work in the natural harmony that  meant to be. In the world as we know it today, with the escalating sound and electromagnetic bombardment we are experiencing in our environment, it is becoming critical to know ‘how to’ help our bodies reset themselves before they succumb to disease states and to know some very effective & non-invasive techniques to support our body’s healing processes.

As the ancient sacred sound of ‘OM’ cannot be trademarked,  the company of ‘OHM Therapeutics’ added the ‘h’ to the sound, so as to keep the connection to the sacred sound of ‘OM’ while differentiating the work of the sacred sound using the special tuning forks calibrated specifically to the octaves of ‘OM’.

What I want you to know & experience is the amazing power of this healing modality to release deep-seated stress & pain, to return to the feeling of balance & harmony, to rekindle the inner healing powers within you, and to re-embrace the sweet peace & rhythm of the core of your being. I want to support you in your quest to restore peace and harmony in your world by restoring first the peace & harmony within you. Like the ripples of the pebble dropped in the pond, or the ripples of the raindrop joining the ocean, we must remember to return to peace & harmony, over and over again, to create the world we truly want to live in. It is my pleasure and delight to share my health care experience & healing gifts in this way with you, whether you are seeking assistance for an acute or chronic condition, or whether you are desiring to maintain your health & strength with a regular tune-up. It is my hope to assist your health and healing journey by offering you individual guidance & support that honours the uniqueness of you.

I offer OHM Sound Healing Sessions in both Penticton and Nelson, B.C. For further information on session investments and to book appointments, please use the contact box below. Thank you for visiting me here. I look forward to supporting & assisting you on your journey to ever expanding ‘sound’ health, happiness & wholeness.

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